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Q: Can I use this glossary to respond to a C,B,RN or E event?
A: The glossary will give you information which may be useful during an event. However, it does not give you an advice nor it replaces the national or regional decision procedures you have to follow.

Q: Which personal protection equipment in case of an event do I have to use?
A: Again, this follows your national or regional decision procedures.

Q: I am searching for a term but I am not sure about its language.
A: As the function of the search tool is limited to one language only, you should search for your term in several languages.

Q: Where do I find links to other information tools?
A: As

  • the content of other information tools which may contain information on CBRNE issues are not under our control,
  • the content may be changed at a later stage,
  • the information on the same subject given in various language versions may differ,
  • we refrained to establish links. Links were limited to references to European legal documents and international agreements.